Legal and Medical Disclaimer

The information provided on this website is intended as educational information to individuals concerning lifestyle changes in nutrition, staying active through exercise of choice, and free-will mindset. The information our company provides on this website, in our cleanse experiences, coaching programs, within our product lines, on videos, in text, or on our public pages, is intended to be general lifestyle discussions and not specific to any one individual. We openly share our holistic perspectives, experiences, and ideas as inspirational and educational purposes, not as medical advice. It is up to you to make your own choices and it is also advised that you talk to your doctor/health care professional about any changes in nutrition, routine, products or lifestyle changes. IMPORTANT: Please also note that our homemade holistic products are for topical/outter body use only; do not ingest. It is your responsibility to read all details, ingredients, and recommended uses before purchasing products and/or packages for any allergies, concerns, etc.