Wow... how wonderful to get my home and office cleansed with Aidy and Hannah. It's a different feel than getting a cleaning, something magical that can only be felt after it's done. Since the home cleanse, I've noticed myself being happier, more productive with my home business, sleeping better, waking up earlier, and more. Thank you, Sanctuary Fairies!

Zane Forrestor, owner of Forrestor Moving


“I’m ready to be in your presence again! It’s so rejuvenating and gives me energy and strength… seriously!”

Madison Kelley


“Aidy brings her practice of healing and joy with her everywhere she goes! This is especially true when she is working in house. Her desire to feed you through nourishing foods, teas, thoughts, and affirmations brings a magical Mary Poppins type of healing to the home! She's sure to leave you feeling like royalty. I love sharing time and space with her... she always raises my vibrations.”

VJ Herbert, Sound Healer
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“Hannah always brings me so much comfort! She is hospitable and never fails to create an atmosphere of peace. She has amazing vibes and talents and uses them to heal, grow, and refresh the people around her. She’s wise and knows how to motivate her clients. Her presence and work is unforgettable!”

Mariah Lynn - College Student


Aidy's oil blends are pure healing magic. I had been struggling with sinus and upper tooth pressure for weeks. Immediately after putting some OPEN on my sinus areas, I felt relief. The level of care Aidy puts into intentionally curating and creating these blends is incredible. And they work. Immediately even."

Tiffane Freisen, Epiphany with Tiffane

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“I’m going to start buying more of your homemade products because I swear your face oil is clearing my face. And the body hemp soap is my favorite thing to use in the shower, I always feel extra clean!

Rilee Timms

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“I am so thankful for Hannah because she took the time to listen to my concerns and current struggles and walked me through step by step vital changes in my life. She was generously there whenever I had a question to ask. She exposed me to new concepts slowly and explained them in full so I was able to incorporate more holistic ideals into my life everyday in a way that could serve as a permanent lifestyle change instead of a fleeting fad.. I am so grateful for Hannah taking my hand and leading me down a path of wellness!

Lisa H.